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Its been a month since we did our #DChangout for the Philippines and I still cant get over how much we raised or how much fun we had celebrating @DarrenCriss’s Birthday. Thank you again to everybody who was involved, the performers, the prize donations, the money donations and everybody who watched and spread the word and had fun along with us. Thank you to Darren, Pat, Ricky and the rest of his team for bringing the cause to our attention.


One month ago, my friends and I put together a 24 hour livestream for @darrencriss’ 27th birthday. Going into it, we had no clue what the outcome was going to be. We are so incredibly grateful for every person that took the time to tune in and especially those that donated. Thank you to the amazing people that sent in things for us to use in our raffle. I think I speak for everyone in the group when I send out this HUGE thank you to @patbradyjoles for donating the playbills and @annarbortees for sending out merch packages to the top three donors. Thank you to the girls that sung [@daniellekleeman @actuallydani @doctorstargleek and Felicia]. A special thank you to the boys of @craigthegenie for spending over an hour with us playing games, chatting with us, and sharing a scene from the pilot. Definitely looking forward to seeing the full episode. Every single one of you are amazing! It has been said many many times before, but it is true. Darren really does have the greatest fans. #darrencriss #dchangout #craigthegenie #glee #starkid #thephilippines #joeyrichter #jordankelley #brandonblanks #drewparkhill #fandomhangout

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